A tryptic approach to imagery

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The luxury cashmere brand 81Hours approached The Gaabs with that increasingly pertinent creative conundrum: how to shoot campaign-led, brand-defining images that will remain consistently on brand across multiple channels. The Gaabs devised a solution that drew from an immersive experience within photography, embraced the latest industry trends, and met the evolving needs of the increasingly digital-orientated consumer. The introduction of the tryptic shooting process, where three different or identical images can be laid side-by-side to form a single image, transformed 81Hours’ visual identity. This new approach mixed still life, model and product close-ups to create a vast collage of images that could be disseminated online and across each of 81Hours’ social media channels.

01 Logo Design

Working with a client so willing to embrace change and entertain new ideas is a refreshing and stimulating experience for any creative agency. In their trust, casting was undertaken in-house and the perfect fit was found for the real woman and model cast. By utilising cinematic lighting and carefully chosen backdrops, The Gaabs were able to showcase through the imagery the inimitable texture and elegance of cashmere, one of the world’s rarest natural fibres.

02 Autum Winter 17/18 Campaign

01 (09)

03 Spring Summer 17 Campaign

01 (09)
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