Make-up Meet-up

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Lancome is a leading global luxury cosmetics and fragrance company's. The Gaabs in collaboration with Refinery29 were approached to create an influencer led, YouTube specific video series. They were asked to incorporating Lancome’s luxury DNA with a product and format focused on reaching the Millennial customer. We combined our knowledge and expertise to create a 5 part serial featuring German presenter and media personality Wana Limer featuring alongside 5 other fashion and beauty industry influencers. The campaign is being launched over a 6 month period on Lancome’s own channels.

The Gaabs were asked to produce 5 videos for iconic cosmetics brand Lancome with a tutorial quality for there younger millennial audience. We focused on storytelling with a serial quality where Germany’s top 5 micro and macro influencers met and discussed there favourite products, techniques, tips and maybe even some make up secrets.

01 Titel Sequences

02 Wana Meets Aminata Belli

03 Wana Meets Janina Uhse

04 Wana Meets Les Berlinettes

05 Wana Meets Lisa Bannholzer

06 Wana Meets Anouschka Marlene

This video will be launched May 2018. Password on request.