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CLOSED is a family-owned business that has always valued attention to detail, great design and superior materials. The Gaabs were keen to retain this philosophy, yet elevate and align these principles within a dynamic new visual identity. The need for CLOSED to create a dialogue with the customer was established, as was a strategic plan to move the brand away from the traditional bi-annual “campaign” imagery and place focus on more intimate product launches. The redesign of the web shop, elevation of the imagery and the transparency of the new target-orientated content have enabled The Gaabs to present CLOSED as new, contemporary and fresh.

01 Brand Design

02 Webdesign

The Gaabs redesigned the CLOSED website with a German approach to design, lacing the functional and minimalist aesthetic with contemporary, playful elements. By creating a grid-based system that focused on proportions rather than measurements, The Gaabs devised a minimalist backdrop that complements the strong design principles that define the CLOSED collections. In addition, this engaged new users and drove sales through the design of a clear, target-orientated content strategy that diversified the brand’s outreach.

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The Gaabs identified the need for a complete renovation of the CLOSED web shop. In refining the casting to showcase a more sophisticated and international outlook, highlighting different ethnicities, while adding movement to previously static images, The Gaabs provided a more progressive and contemporary look. The use of more direct, effortless poses added energy and greater interaction between the models and the collections, enabling the creation of aspirational images that showcased the look, feel and touch of complete outfits. For CLOSED, this fastidious attention to detail resulted in an verifiable increase in shop sales.

03 Campaigns

The Gaabs ability to stay one step ahead and recognise industry trends early allows the creation of advertising campaigns that stay true to a brand’s identity, with consistent images across all media. The Gaabs delivered definition and a consistent aesthetic that communicates eloquently with the modern consumer.

Fair since 1978. Campaign

EQL Colab with Toni and Niclas Garrn


Coats Autumn Winter 2016

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01 (09)

People behind Closed Autumn Winter 2017

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01 (09)

x-pocket Family Spring 2017

It's Stretch O'Clock, Powerstretch Campaign 2016

Premium stretch jeans fit every situation.
12 AM Split between sporty and chic?
Bet your cards on the denim with forty percent stretch –
it always stays in top form.
1 PM Creative block?
Just change the perspective!
2 PM And?
Already bent-over?
4 PM Have we already mentioned
our denim’s excellent bounce?
6 PM You can do it!
The key is to stay flexible until the final whistle.
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Denim Autum Winter 2016

01 (09)

Doubleface 2016

01 (09)

Autumn Winter 2015

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