Leveraging a brand into the art collecting and avant-garde market

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Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg had already garnered a reputable and trusted reputation within the art and design world. The Gaabs brought art direction and aesthetic development to leverage the brand into the art collecting, avant-garde market.

01 Corporate Identity

The Gaabs refreshed the visual identity of the brand with product shots taking the hand-crafted porcelain out of its familiar everyday context to highlight its true artistry. By contrasting and highlighting the delicate finish of the craftsmanship with a mix of light and shadow techniques, The Gaabs elevated the integrity of the products.

02 Photography

Nymphenburg has established a distinct, straightforward reputation in the art and design world. The brief was to further address the innovative, avant-garde, design and art affine target group. Therefore the Gaabs developed a specific Nymphenburg look that surprises and binds the design and art enthusiast to the brand. We slightly separted the product from its utility value context and merged the bounderies between an art piece and everyday objects. Almost each object and service had to be re-shot.

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03 Coporate Design

Our conceptual baseline is build on the terms avant-garde and baroque, the old and the new, the traditional and the visionary. For each comunication tool it is important to never lose the traditional value and attention, the demand for avant-garde balances the wealth of tradition in the present. Nymphenburg produces the classics of the future / the classics of tomorrow. The fact that every single object is made by hand and the ingredients mixed by hand and on-site must be clearly highlighted in each element we produce to underline the uniqueness of the brand. The customer should always keep in mind that his chosen product will always be unique in this way. Therfore we experiment with traditional print crafts like silkscreen printing and choose to work with manual photography.


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Sales Folder

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04 Web design

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Alchemie Teller, Poster Campaign

Lightscape Series

The Lightscape Series, an 18-piece vase and tableware set designed to mimic the contours, creases, folds and lightness of paper, perfectly showcases this innovative approach.

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05 Image Film

In order to create imagery that did justice to the beautifully handcrafted products, The Gaabs were privileged to gain unrestricted access to the working ateliers, Nymphenburg Castle and their historic archive. This inspired a short documentary showcasing the highly-specialised production and creative processes involved in creating the finest porcelain, along with editorial content revealing to a new audience the secrets of the ancient art.