Porzellan Manufaktur Meissen

Launch Event October 2018

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Kicking off the new chapter in Meissen’s more than 300-year history, the Meissen Cabinet exhibition – serving as a relaunch event – took place in Berlin and intrigued audiences at exclusive dinners and tours, as well as the general public. The range of items sought to showcase the richness of the Meissen. As is always the order of the day chez Meissen, the inherently cool mise en scène juxtaposed hedonism and craftsmanship – the very values that always have and always will define the manufactory – to sprinkle a little modern opulence across the visitor’s own weekend.

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The relaunch event provided the perfect opportunity to create extra-special visuals, leading us to the conception of three animated short films. Old meets new in the most ornate sense of the term – the triptych of animations brings to life a number of characters and motifs from the immense catalogue of MEISSEN patterns and decors. The result is as playful and charming as it is a tribute to the manufactory’s unrivalled artisan painters.