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Running Motivation for Mind, Body and Soul - with the New SAKURA Collection Running is quality time with yourself - time to find your balance, listen to your body, clear your mind and leave your thoughts behind. Own your run. Make it yours - with the SAKURA collection: Created to meet all your running needs. The Gaabs developed the new Asics Sakura Collection Campaign This Is For Me.

SAKURA is more than a flower: It symbolizes new beginnings. As part of the Japanese principle of aesthetics, SAKURA invites us to embrace each moment’s individual beauty, yet also accentuates its ephemeral nature. ASICS introduces the SAKURA spirit to your workout by drawing your attention to the here and now. Running is quality time; a certain kind of flow that replenishes your inner strength. It’s not about the finish line, it’s about starting your very own ritual – a mindful routine for the rest your life, bringing balance to mind, body and soul.

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We´re using CGI technology to connect the SAKURA heritage with a modern visual approach. Flowers will come to life while bodies are moving – a conceptual route in which we combine 3D renderings of cherry blossom flowers in a studio environment with outdoor running scenes.

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