A users guide on how to turn an appartment into an Airbnb Plus property

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Airbnb approached us with the request for video content that would promote Airbnb Plus – something which would show customers just how easy it is to turn an Airbnb property into an Airbnb Plus property. The task was essentially to take a set and turn it into a space that feels real, much in the same way that Airbnb Plus hosts take a set of rooms and turns them into a veritable home for their guests. The video content shows how fun and easy it can be to achieve exactly that transformation – each tip and recommendation made relatable and re-creatable.

01 Athens - Creating a welcoming home

Throughout the films, we see one character per story – each representing a real-life host in his or her real-life location.

02 Edinburgh - Making your home ready for guests

Unique interiors and sounds create the all-important individual personality for each video.

03 Shanghai - Creating visual impact in your home

The addition of little effects here and there not only brings a tasteful touch to each film, but also serves to highlight conceptual ideas.